When weather doesn’t cooperate with Climate prognostications

Every time there is a hurricane, drought, flood, etc…, or when a daily, weekly or annual temperature breaks a record certain scientists take the opportunity to opine, that while this or that particular record heat wave or hurricane can’t be tied to global warming, its is the kind of pattern that the models and theory suggest should occur, and, that we will almost certainly see more of the same in the future.

Where are these scientists when record low temperatures occur or when a tornado or hurricane season (or several) pass with record low events.  Silent — when facts don’t fit the theory, hide.

In Dallas, we hit a record low and had the first ever recorded temperature in the 30’s in May of 2013.  In fact, record lows and late, heavy snow falls are going on all over.  In addition, after a high tornado year in 2011, we had a record low year for 2012 to 2013.  This doesn’t disprove global warming theory, but it sure should raise some questions for those who year after year, despite the mounting contradictory evidence, claim that humans are causing catastrophic climate change is a fact — the science is hardly  settled.

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  1. Lloyd says:

    “Global Warming” = propaganda

  2. Joe Barnett says:

    A new ice age!

  3. Kyle says:

    There are some pretty scary ideas out there though. For example the methane trapped in frozen bogs in Siberia. Lots of potential for vicious cycles etc., but then again lots of scaremongering.

  4. Jacob Ruisdael says:

    Don’t the Global Warming folks have a monopoly on Global Cooling too?

    It’s all part of some big thing that’s way too complex for anyone but Al Gore to understand.

  5. Z says:

    No matter the weather conditions, there will always be people connecting it to global warming.

  6. Roger Depaz says:

    Right. It is important to try to make the general public understand that this is an evolving science. But when the general person isn’t particularly educated on the scientific method, it becomes quite easy to sensationalize a science that has interestingly proven to advance the agenda of political elites. So, instead of informing the public on objective scientific advancements on this science, the information out there tends to be conflicting, biased and the average person is left unable to make objective opinions on the subject. I wish people wouldn’t be so easily drawn to whatever they read or hear on the news/media, but this happens quite a lot.

  7. H. James Prince says:

    We could also realise that every time the weather cools, it doesn’t mean that Global Warming is wrong.

  8. Gabriel Odom says:

    Can we just say that we only have 150 years (or less) of reliable data? Come on. You can’t predict with any accuracy the weather patterns of the entire planet for tens of thousands of years with 150 years worth of data. Human involvement aside, many of these effect we are struggling to explain may already be part of the planet’s natural climate cycle.

  9. Godwin Peak says:

    Based on Climate Change theories, cold snaps like Texas experienced this month are a clear indicator of climate change, not a reason to reject it.

    • This is the problem I have with climate science as it is currently constructed. If it is warmer than average it’s global warming, if its cooler than average, its global warming. Pick a weather event or a pattern of weather events, even if it is at odds with other predicted patterns of weather events, scientists will claim to be consistent with global warming — and they will have one or a number of models to back up their claims. The problem is the models predictions, based on the same inputs and physics, produce widely varying climate projections for the future — any one of which might be correct but that means others will be wrong. Pick a result, any result, its global warming: That is not science, that is religion.

  10. Nigel Molesworth says:

    What about greenhouse gas emissions causing ocean acidification? Arguments for climate change are not solely based on blunt changes in temperature, but on changes to the entire climate.

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