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Road Pricing Can Reduce Pollution

California’s Legislature is considering modifying the cap and trade program in order to charge drivers a direct carbon tax at the pump. Sacramento should be applauded for realizing that the state’s cap and trade program needs revision, but legislators should put the program out of its misery and kill it. Instead, the body and other […]

Stranded on “3-Mile Island”

It is 7am in the morning, and the second cup of coffee is just not cutting it. However, traffic congestion has been relatively smooth along the tollway and work is not too far away. Then, suddenly, traffic bottlenecks from several lanes down to two, and the quality of the road declines considerably. Essentially, a parking […]

Rethinging the Way Transportation Infrastructure is Funded

States are taking matters into their own hands It may come as a surprise to you, but there is a quiet revolution in transportation funding underway these days. Faced with a depleted Highway Trust Fund and uncertain prospects for more money from a deficit-conscious Congress, many states are taking matters into their own hands and aggressively […]

America’s Love Affair with the Refrigerator

An article by Dan Neil in The Wall Street Journal takes the issue of driverless cars a bit further and concludes that it would make the nation more productive economically.  The one brilliant part of the U.S. economic profile is productivity. It turns out, Americans are a little nutty when it comes to work.  If autonomy […]

The Atlanta Transit Tax: For the 1 Percent

  Voters in Atlanta, with some of the worst traffic congestion in the nation, are being asked to approve a new tax that would spend more than 50% on transit, in an urban area where transit carries only 1% of travel (Figure). No one is naive enough to think that the new billions for transit […]

The Urban Transportation Issue: Minimizing Travel Times

The Atlanta metropolitan region is plagued with some of the nation’s worst traffic congestion. The principal problem is that the roadway system is not sufficient to handle the traffic. Part of the problem is that the area is poorly served by a sparse network of freeways. However, the lack of a viable arterial street system […]