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Global “Clean” Energy Expenditures are Down (and Respect for Economic Realities are Up) in 2013

It is refreshing to see that environmentalists and liberal governments are beginning to recognize the economic realities they face when manipulating energy markets to promote clean, renewable energy sources. For example, a recent Time Magazine article investigates why total public and private funding of “clean power” from the global renewable energy industry fell 14% in […]

The Free Market’s Key Investment in Renewable Energy

This past week Walmart signed a historic deal with Plug Power, ordering nearly 1800 hydrogen powered fuel cells. The cells will be given to distribution centers in order to power their factory vehicles such as forklifts and will be an addition to the 500 they already have operating. Hydrogen fuel cells work by turning both […]

EPA Proposal Promotes Fossil Fuel Use over Renewable Wood Use for Heating Homes

The latest example of big brother schemes brewing in Washington this year is the proposal of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to significantly restrict solid particulate emissions from wood burning stoves. The Census Bureau estimated that 2.4 million U.S. homes use wood as a primary source for heating their homes. The EPA is proposing that […]

The Premature Promise of Renewables

Add biomass energy to the list of renewables that, no matter how high our hopes for them, are not all they’re cracked up to be. Add burning plants and wood chips to the list of unconventional fuel sources that are not all that “green” yet cost a bunch of green. I’m sure the coal haters […]