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“Green” Energy: The Color of Money

In light of the recent legal filing for creditor protection by Spain-based, Abengoa, Inc., the viability of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is getting appropriate scrutiny and reconsideration. Through that program, the giant green-energy company received billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in grants, loans, and subsidies. Still, last week they were forced to close their […]

A Bumpy Ride for Germany’s Green Energy

The aim of the German Energiewende (also known as Germany’s Energy Transition) is to decarbonize the energy supply by increasing access to renewable energy and improving energy efficiency. A key part of the Energiewende is the outright rejection of nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels and the complete shutdown of nuclear facilities by […]

How is Creating Green Jobs is Like Banning Tractors to Create Farm Jobs?

Recently the “Political Economy Research Institute” at the University of Massachusetts released a graphic purporting to show “green” technologies create more jobs than traditional energy sources. The graphic, to the right, has been distributed widely by advocates of creating “green jobs.” This is a common assertion from the environmental left. As I note in my […]

The Cost Doesn’t Matter…It’s For the Environment

A refreshing take on environmental policy appeared recently in Governing Magazine, written by Stephen Goldsmith, the Deputy Mayor of Operations for New York City. Arguing that policymakers need to assess the cost of reducing environmental risk, he highlights the negative tradeoffs that can result from making poor environmental policy. He writes: Green is not free, […]