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Government Subsides Help Distort Science

A $500,000 study released this past Sunday in the peer-reviewed journal, Nature Climate Change, detailed how corn-based biofuels release seven percent more greenhouse gases in the initial five-year time frame compared with conventional gasoline. The study which was paid for by the federal government found that regardless of how much corn residue is taken off […]

Power Grid Reliability as Coal Plants Retire

As the Obama administration’s EPA continues to promulgate regulations that will effectively close coal plants, or prevent the construction of new ones, much of the debate over these regulations, and coal in general, has centered on the appropriateness of coal as an energy source — is it too polluting? Will it hurt the environment? Is […]

EPA Testing Seems At Odds With Public Statements

“Call us for more information and to see if you qualify!” What exciting opportunity might this be? How about the chance to be exposed to toxins that the researchers say can cause death. Indeed, this cheery offer came from a set of flyers printed by the EPA seeking human testing subjects for air pollution experiments. […]

EPA Raises a Stink over Sulfer Restrictions for the Oil Industry

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued rules to cut the sulfur content of gasoline by 67% and to significantly reduce tailpipe emissions in cars and pickups, starting with the 2017 models. These new rules are known as “Tier 3 standards.” They are designed to reduce the […]

Sue and Settle: The Performance Enhancement Drug (PED) of Public Regulators

When Bruce Yandle wrote his classic article in Reason Magazine entitled, “Bootleggers and Baptists: The Education of a Regulatory Economist,” he artfully explained how profit seeking law breakers sidled up with religious do-gooders to accomplish a common social objective: keeping liquor sales illegal. More and more examples of such unexpected bedfellows are appearing in Washington […]

EPA Proposal Promotes Fossil Fuel Use over Renewable Wood Use for Heating Homes

The latest example of big brother schemes brewing in Washington this year is the proposal of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to significantly restrict solid particulate emissions from wood burning stoves. The Census Bureau estimated that 2.4 million U.S. homes use wood as a primary source for heating their homes. The EPA is proposing that […]

Environmentalism: Achievements and Mistakes

Nearly forty-four years ago, the first Earth Day energized the environmental movement. The event gave form and substance to long-simmering concerns about the environmental side effects of free enterprise. It empowered the leaders of the environmental movement to pursue safeguards through the political process. Unfortunately, environmental leaders made a very costly, fundamental error at the […]

USSC Hears Case on EPA Power

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday in a case that revolved around the EPA’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. In 2010, the EPA regulated emissions from vehicles in its so-called “tailpipe rule.” The agency said that promulgating the tailpipe rule triggered authority within the Clean Air Act that stationary […]

EPA vs Texas

A fight against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was won in Texas this past week as the EPA allowed Texas significantly more flexibility when dealing with state permits concerning pollution sources. Giving Texas more control over the environmental impacts that occur within the state. A hard fought win for Texas as they have been working for […]

Texas is Right to Fight EPA

Texas officials “are made as hell, and…aren’t going to take it anymore.” The Lone Star State’s attorney general says EPA has no authority to regulate the state’s greenhouse-gas emissions.