Presidential Debate Energy Reality Check

The 2nd Presidential Debate, 10-12-12, provided plenty of fodder for post-debate quarterbacks.  There were openings missed, and gaff’s made.  In my area of interest, the President made several claims that deserve further examination.

These are responses to Obama’s claims concerning increased oil and gas production; on oil and gas production on public lands; and on the Keystone XL pipeline.


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  1. seyyed says:

    interesting. i’m surprised more wasn’t said about green energy policies considering the massive subsidies the industry currently receives. They spoke about wind energy briefly but there was so much to discuss.

  2. Jordan says:

    That Keystone XL thing.. Ugh.

    “Bring jobs back to America!.. Except for this massive domestic project, that one.. well that one I’ma give to my Brazilian campaign contributors.”

  3. Lizze says:

    Can you imagine the environmental damage caused if the Keystone XL was put into place? Certain environmental groups and lobbyists are celebrating the victory over the oil industry way to soon. Romney claimed in the presidential debate that President Obama turned the pipeline down for environmental issues, but instead the pipeline is still up for proposal. Millions of dollars and hours have been spent for the lobbying to approve the pipeline, which could create a massive job market and boost the economy.
    Look at the Trans-Texas Corridor that was proposed a couple of years back. For you who do not know the TTC, was a massive transportation proposal that would stretch from Canada to Mexico. The TTC had several flaws just like Keystone XL. Trans Texas Corridor would create jobs and relocate new services for travelers, but at the same time would dry up businesses for rural towns. Any project that is going to stretch from Canada to Mexico is going to have its advantages and disadvantages. The Keystone XL pipeline is going to have a few environmental issues; just like any other pipeline that has been placed.
    Think, because what is keeping the next president from approving the placement of the Keystone XL.

  4. Robert says:

    What is your take on Romney’s claims of energy independence?

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