Global Warming When Hot, Climate Change When Cold

Have you noticed that anytime America sees a hot weather-related event — be it a drought, a major heat wave, a hurricane, etc. — such an incident is, quite obviously, evidence of global warming? A cold weather event, on the other hand (snow or a freeze or anything much like the winter storms that the U.S. has seen over the last several weeks), brings a flurry of reminders from climate change advocates that “weather” is distinct from “climate” and that cold weather events are in no way evidence that global warming has subsided — quite the opposite.

Apparently, a heat wave is obvious evidence of global warming (catastrophic, man-made warming, to boot), but a cold snap cannot possibly be evidence of global cooling, or even a lack of warming. Any event that appears to boost the global warming theory is trumpeted while facts that contradict the notion that the world will soon burn itself to a crisp are quietly ignored. Surely this must be the world’s largest case of selective hearing.

Joseph Curl over at the Washington Times wrote a great article hitting on this very phenomenon, noting how “global warming” became “climate change” right about the time that the globe stopped warming.

And the media is right on board with this protocol. Anyone remember that boat that got stuck in the ice in December? That was a team of global warming researchers. But how many media outlets that ran the story about the stuck ship reported on that little fact? 40 out of the 41 stories that ran on network news from December 25 to the day of the ship’s rescue conveniently failed to mention that the ship was on a global warming mission. Of course, had the ship been caught in a tropical storm, we wouldn’t have been able to turn on the television without hearing about it.

This weekend suggested a renewed focus on global warming from the administration. President Obama announced his proposal for a Climate Resilience Fund (note, that’s Climate Resilience, not Global Warming Resilience) while in California. Breitbart noted the irony that this global warming proposal was announced on a day in which 49 out of the 50 states had snow and record-breaking cold temperatures.

The $1 billion plan will be sent to Congress next month as part of the President’s budget proposal. The White House says the fund would invest in research to:

Better understand the projected impacts of climate change and how we can better prepare our communities and infrastructure…help communities plan and prepare for the impacts of climate change…fund breakthrough technologies and resilient infrastructure that will make us more resilient in the face of changing climate.

Whether Congress will approve this $1 billion taxpayer-funded research project is unclear (though at the rate he is going, the President’s penchant for the executive order may make Congressional approval a moot point).

Secretary of State John Kerry was also on the climate change bandwagon this weekend, lambasting people in the “Flat Earth Society” (those who disagree that “[t]he science is unequivocal”) and quite unabashedly describing climate change as:

The world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.

What is “fearsome” about climate change? Just take a look at Germany, whose climate change-inspired legislation has brought them the most expensive electricity in all of Europe…and higher carbon dioxide emissions!

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