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Obama Scandals Go Beyond Taxes, Spying, Political Suppression and Gun Running: Environment Takes a Hit as Well

It seems that the Obama administration is not content to trash the rule of law and the ideal of equal treatment before the law with regards to the differing treatment of political groups vis-à-vis the tax code, it has also done the same thing with Freedom of Information Requests at the Environmental Protection Agency.  Though […]

Failing Grade for the Endangered Species Act

Recent stories have highlighted the growing cost (in terms of resources and jobs) and diminishing benefits of the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  Construction workers building an underpass in Texas came across “bracken bat cave mesh weaver”(BBCMW)  – a blind, translucent spider.  The species, which had not been seen in 30 years, was thought to be […]

Government environmental efforts backfire, hurting the environment and human health

There is a great piece of bumper sticker humor: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”  Unless one has been living under a rock, this statement is widely recognized as an ironic warning of sorts – if you hear these words, count your money, lock up your kids and pray for your property, […]

How The Lorax Learned to Love Foresters

Tomorrow, the motion picture version of Dr. Seuss’s book “The Lorax” will hit the big screen and the reviews indicate it sticks to the original 1971 storyline. In “The Lorax,” a businessman, the “Once-ler,” moves into town, cuts down all the trees and destroys the forest, air and water in the process. A furry creature, […]

Green Policies, Bad Results

We at the NCPA have for a number of years written about how public policies and private actions intended to protect the environment often end up causing environmental harm.  Such unintended consequences continue to this day. We first warned of the misguided policies that harmed the natural environment in our national parks and national forests […]

The King of the Tacos

Today we offer a segment called “unlikely environmental headlines.” At what point do you think we will see either of these headlines? U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service places cattle on the endangered species list Scientists say bison population plummeting. WWF advocates listing as ‘threatened.’ My guess is that these are extremely unlikely to occur at […]

GM Fish: It’s What’s for Dinner!

In an article in Heartland’s Environment & Climate News I detail the FDA’s long overdue approval of the first genetically modified animal for human consumption — the Aquabounty Salmon.  After ten years of development, testing, paperwork, hearings, etc… the FDA found that the salmon was safe for human consumption and posed no threat to the […]