Category: Regulation and Risks

The Under-Reported Costs of the Endangered Species Act

When I read articles from the apologists for the Endangered Species Act (ESA), I often read silly statements like, The U.S. federal and state governments spent just more than $1.7 billion to conserve endangered and threatened species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in fiscal year (FY) 2012… (W)ith a pretty high success rate of […]

Favoring Wind Power Endangers Birds and Bats

The Obama Administration has used subsidies and regulation to promote wind power. Yet the deaths of thousands of birds and bats from wind turbines, and the misappropriation of funds shows the danger of endless government subsidies and rules that are enforced only when they benefit certain industries. Wind turbines kill approximately 600,000 birds a year. […]

EPA Raises a Stink over Sulfer Restrictions for the Oil Industry

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently issued rules to cut the sulfur content of gasoline by 67% and to significantly reduce tailpipe emissions in cars and pickups, starting with the 2017 models. These new rules are known as “Tier 3 standards.” They are designed to reduce the […]

Sue and Settle: The Performance Enhancement Drug (PED) of Public Regulators

When Bruce Yandle wrote his classic article in Reason Magazine entitled, “Bootleggers and Baptists: The Education of a Regulatory Economist,” he artfully explained how profit seeking law breakers sidled up with religious do-gooders to accomplish a common social objective: keeping liquor sales illegal. More and more examples of such unexpected bedfellows are appearing in Washington […]

EPA Proposal Promotes Fossil Fuel Use over Renewable Wood Use for Heating Homes

The latest example of big brother schemes brewing in Washington this year is the proposal of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to significantly restrict solid particulate emissions from wood burning stoves. The Census Bureau estimated that 2.4 million U.S. homes use wood as a primary source for heating their homes. The EPA is proposing that […]

Imperial Presidency rules through regulations

“It’s a new year and you know what that means — new regulations. The Obama administration has wasted no time in writing them.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Now, to be fair, every Presidential administration issues rules and regulations, that’s how laws are implemented.  However, some Presidents issue more regulations than others and […]

Critical Metals in critically short supply

The Washington Post’s Brad Plummer penned a blog worth reading concerning the fragility of the materials undergirding modern society.  Writing about a paper from the national academy of sciences, Plummer notes: “A huge chunk of modern-day technology, from hybrid cars to iPhones to flat-screen TVs to radiation screens, use dozens of different metals and alloys. A computer […]

On Climate Change: President Obama goes one way, the world goes another

Flying under the media radar largely due to the ongoing Syrian crisis, President Obama has in the past two weeks signed on to three multinational climate agreements.  Grist, the popular online environmental newsite and blog, reports that two agreements would further limit powerful greenhouse gasses under the 1987 Montreal Protocol for the phase out of […]

Obama Scandals Go Beyond Taxes, Spying, Political Suppression and Gun Running: Environment Takes a Hit as Well

It seems that the Obama administration is not content to trash the rule of law and the ideal of equal treatment before the law with regards to the differing treatment of political groups vis-à-vis the tax code, it has also done the same thing with Freedom of Information Requests at the Environmental Protection Agency.  Though […]

Washington State Finds the High Cost of the Precautionary Principle

One of the favored approaches used by the environmental community to put their thumb on the scales is the appeal to the “precautionary principle” which argues that in the absence of clear science, regulators should err on the side of “precaution” by banning whatever environmentalists fear, from chemical compounds to environmental practices. The problem, of […]