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Global “Clean” Energy Expenditures are Down (and Respect for Economic Realities are Up) in 2013

It is refreshing to see that environmentalists and liberal governments are beginning to recognize the economic realities they face when manipulating energy markets to promote clean, renewable energy sources. For example, a recent Time Magazine article investigates why total public and private funding of “clean power” from the global renewable energy industry fell 14% in […]

Russian Energy Out, American In

The political climate between Russia and the rest of the world has deteriorated significantly in recent weeks. However, unlike the war methodology of the early world, economic sanctions are the new way to hurt countries. Russia’s economy is largely dependent on natural gas and oil, producing nearly of 70% of total exports in 2012, 32% […]

Hoard and Use Some Resources, Export the Rest

President Obama’s administration approved expanding natural gas exports back in 2011 and 2013. Cheniere Energy Inc’s Sabine Pass facility will begin exporting to countries in 2015, Freeport LNG in 2017 at up to 1.4 billion cubic feet a day of liquefied natural gas and Cameron LNG, LLC has been added this year to export up […]

An Alternative to Uranium

Thorium has been shopped around to renewable energy groups as a valid alternative to both nuclear power and a way to curb CO2 production. Thorium is a common metal often found while mining rare earths such as monazite. Monazite sands normally contain around 45-48% cerium, 24% lanthanum, 17% neodymium, 5% praseodymium, along with a small […]

The Free Market’s Key Investment in Renewable Energy

This past week Walmart signed a historic deal with Plug Power, ordering nearly 1800 hydrogen powered fuel cells. The cells will be given to distribution centers in order to power their factory vehicles such as forklifts and will be an addition to the 500 they already have operating. Hydrogen fuel cells work by turning both […]

The American Energy Renaissance Act

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently proposed legislation that would harness America’s abundant energy reserves, not only supplying much-needed energy, but also spurring economic growth. This bill, named the American Energy Renaissance Act, is a two part plan with several steps that would halt harmful regulations and barriers to trade and development and expand energy exploration and […]

The European Union Re-examines the Clean Energy/Economic Growth Tradeoff — So Should the Media

The progressive media often promote specious opinions on environmental policy that are in direct opposition to the very evidence they use to support their criticisms. Case in point is an article in The New York Times by Stephen Castle. He writes that, “Europe seems to be hitting its environmental limits,” as high energy costs and […]

Urban Planning for People

The recent publication of the United States Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) 2014 Annual Energy Outlookprovides a good backdrop for examining the importance of current information in transportation and land-use planning. I have written about two recent cases in which urban plans were fatally flawed due to their reliance on outdated information. In one […]

Keystone XL Good to Go, But Wait…

In an article by Rich Lowry of the National Review this week, a new Department of State review of the New Keystone XL Pipeline Application concludes that the pipeline poses no environmental hazard, among other evidence, and supports the construction of the pipeline. Unlike the Alberta Clipper pipeline project, Keystone XL had become the focus […]

SOTU: Old Wine (a hint of vinegar) in New Bottles

President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address made early, prominent mention of energy and climate policy.  However, it was the same old, same old.  Much to the dismay of the environmental left, he continued to tout an “all of the above,” energy strategy, which he claimed as his own.  However, as I detailed earlier, […]