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Former Top Aid to Obama Calls for Exporting Oil

In addition to the most recent Brookings report that shows some of the benefits of lifting the United States ban on crude oil exports, Larry Summers is also calling for an end to the ban. Summers, the former top economic advisor to President Obama, also agreed with Brookings that lifting the ban would lower domestic […]

Major Effort to Lift Oil Export Ban

Despite a fear of rising gasoline prices at the pump, a strong lobbying effort will be aimed at persuading lawmakers and administration officials that the United States can afford to export crude oil now that the country is the world’s biggest oil producer. The U.S. pumps more than eight million barrels of oil a day. […]

DOE Must Expediate LNG Export Permits

The United States Department of Energy (DOE) finalized reforms it proposed on May 29 to its process for determining whether planned Liquid Natural Gas export projects are in the national interest as reported in Oil & Gas Journal: Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) export proposals are presumed to be in the national interest under the Natural […]

Texas Wind Energy’s Expensive Wait and See Experiment

Wind energy subsides and other public incentives cause “Wait and See Experiment” in Texas. The state is now home to one of the largest sources of wind energy production in the world. Texas has invested about $7 billion in a sprawling wind power network that spans nearly 4,000 miles. Alternative energy projects have benefited mostly […]

Europe’s Necessary Energy Dependence Switch

Now is the time for the United States to break the Middle East and Russian dominance of global energy supply. Providing our energy resources to Europe would break the old global energy system and bring Europe geopolitically closer to the United States. The National Review’s “Marshall Plan for Energy”, explains that the U.S. has the […]

The Challenging Process of Becoming a Green Nation (Part 1)

People often feel a little pious when they actively support regulatory efforts that subsidize the use of alternative energy sources. And why not? When politicians and environmentalists claim such regulations help alleviate our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels, reduce our air pollution emissions and decrease our contribution to global warming, what could possibly be wrong […]

President Obama Keeps Energy Costs High

While Obama has not yet been able to stop the fracking technology that is producing an American oil and natural gas boom on private and state owned lands, he has sharply constricted exploration and development on the extensive federally-owned lands and offshore. That is why gasoline prices have doubled since he became President. The Heritage […]

Keystone XL: More than a Domestic Issue

The United States has been abuzz with activity this past year over the promise that President Obama made concerning pushing forward the Keystone XL project. However, the President is still failing to deliver on any of his promises. What is new are the affects that are taking place on the Canadians. There are currently 3 […]

Creating Reliance on U.S. Energy

The world that exists today is one of open barriers, and intertwined economies that become necessary in foreign policy. The more entwined economies get the more resistance there is for justifying conflict with each other. It just gets too expensive. It is one of the reasons that a conflict with China is not very realistic […]

Fracking Provides a Safe and Environmentally Friendly Energy Source

As recently as a decade ago, many scientists believed the U.S. was running out of oil. Peak oil was a major concern and many questioned whether the U.S. way of life was at risk. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking), developed more than 60 years ago, has eliminated fears of running out of oil. Although fracking was impractical […]