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Reality slaps the EPA in the face on ethanol

What is going on at the EPA?  It can’t really be a growing awareness of reality and the need for common sense when considering environmental regulations and counting their effects since it is forcing cities around the country to spend millions of dollar to replace their fire hydrants for fear of lead.  There is no […]

Climate Partners act like rats fleeing a sinking ship: The SS Global Warming

International Global Warming talks have resumed once again this week in Poland.  It’s not looking good for alarmists. Even as the conference Grandees were arriving, dark clouds formed on the horizon as Poland the conference sponsor held a two day conference touting the virtues of and continuing need for coal. Since then Australia’s new government […]

Government Programs Hurt the Environment

The NCPA has written numerous times about various government agencies and programs that are supposed to protect or promote environmental quality but which result in environmental harm.  For instance: Federally subsidized flood insurance; Federal mismanagement of public lands; Federal  endangered species policies; Federal promotion of ethanol, wind and solar power; Federal agriculture subsidies; And Federal […]

On Biotech: People 2, Fearmongers 0!

On Biotech: People 2, Fearmongers  0! When you think Washington State and politics, you think blue, as in a solidly liberal, Democrat state.  Yet, on Tuesday, the people of Washington State spoke relatively authoritatively, rejecting an initiative that would have required foods containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled.  The vote was 54.8% opposed to […]

Cash-for-Clunkers was a Dud

A new report from the Brooking’s Institution shed’s new light upon the Obama Administration’s Cash-for-Clunkers program: it was an economic lemon. According to the report, the $2.85 billion Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS) created jobs at the price of $1.4 million each and had almost no effect on reducing emissions or gasoline consumption. Under the […]

EPA Takes its Lumps in Court Again

Once again, separate federal courts have ruled against the EPA in two cases with important economic implications. In March, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, the court ruled in favor of the Iowa League of Cities, which argued that the agency was pushing a new interpretation of its wastewater treatment rules in letters sent […]

New Report: Green Energy Technology Not Ready for Prime Time

As the NCPA (among others) has argued in a number of documents, a new report says that environmentalists’ push to rapidly deploy existing clean energy technology rather than focusing on innovation has been and will continue to be expensive and likely result in waste and failure. The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation discovered that  in […]

More Good news for Climate; Bad news for Climate alarmists

It seems that once again climate reality – you know the facts on the ground – is conspiring once again to confound climate modelers and those scientists and activists who continually argue that we should trust the models for our views on climate and climate policy. NASA has announced that Antarctic sea ice has set […]

“Nobel “ in agriculture goes to Biotech food manufacturers

A short while ago, largely under the radar, the World Food Prize – the equivalent of a Nobel prize for the field of agriculture — was awarded to two of the world leaders in the world of genetically modified organisms for food: a Vice-President of Monsanto and the founder of Syngenta ‘s biotech research center. […]

The Global Environmental Facility: Another Failed, Corrupt International Boondoggle

A new paper by the NCPA examines the U.N.’s Global Environmental Facility.  The United States has donated $1.24 billion to the GEF. Over the past five years, U.S. contributions have increased 61 percent.  The GEF was established to fund international projects to preserve biodiversity, prevent global warming, protect international waters, stop land degradation, save the […]