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SOTU: Old Wine (a hint of vinegar) in New Bottles

President Obama’s 2014 State of the Union Address made early, prominent mention of energy and climate policy.  However, it was the same old, same old.  Much to the dismay of the environmental left, he continued to tout an “all of the above,” energy strategy, which he claimed as his own.  However, as I detailed earlier, […]

Japan, Europe and others fleeing the sinking climate ship

Australia’s government fell in part due to its commitment to economy deadening commitments to limit energy use to fight global warming.  The new government ran an “Economic Progress first, Climate scaremongering last,” campaign and shortly after it took power ditched the previous government’s climate plans.    Japan, a global leader in the push to rally […]

2014 Omnibus Has Good Provision for Endangered Species’ Conservation

Whatever other good or bad provisions the 2014 Omnibus Budget bill that President Obama has now signed contains, it has one excellent provision: good for sportsmen and good for species facing extinction in their native lands.  The 2014 Omnibus removes endangered species protection from three select species: the scimitar horned oryx, the Dama gazelle and […]

Imperial Presidency rules through regulations

“It’s a new year and you know what that means — new regulations. The Obama administration has wasted no time in writing them.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Now, to be fair, every Presidential administration issues rules and regulations, that’s how laws are implemented.  However, some Presidents issue more regulations than others and […]

Richard Lindzen: Profile of a Moderate Climate Skeptic

The Weekly Standard has a good article highlighting the career and views of Richard Lindzen.  Even the alarmists have to take his views seriously and he’s one of the few skeptics who the media will still quote.  I have noting to add to the piece, read the article.  You’ll come away enlightened.

Genetically modified organisms: NYT/Grist gets it right; Hawaii County Council gets it wrong!

I have written extensively concerning the benefits of GMO/Biotech foods. As I have argued at length, the best available evidence shows that they are safe and have the potential to be tremendously beneficial to present and future generations.  Sadly, on the topic of GMO foods, even more than on most other environmental scare stories hyped […]

Critical Metals in critically short supply

The Washington Post’s Brad Plummer penned a blog worth reading concerning the fragility of the materials undergirding modern society.  Writing about a paper from the national academy of sciences, Plummer notes: “A huge chunk of modern-day technology, from hybrid cars to iPhones to flat-screen TVs to radiation screens, use dozens of different metals and alloys. A computer […]

Bag Bans Don’t Save Dollars

Today the NCPA released my new study, examining the claim that banning or taxing plastic grocery bags will save cities money.  I found no evidence that cities which have already enacted plastic bag restrictions have saved any money — and they have actually harmed the environment.  It seems that plastic grocery bags are the green […]

No Climate Change Consensus Amongst Meteorologists

The American Meteorological Society surveyed its members and found a surprising result.  It turns out that there is no consensus amongst its members that global warming is happening and mostly human caused.  Indeed, only 52 percent of the meteorologists responding to the survey believe global warming is happening and is mostly human-caused, while 48 percent […]

Green Energy: Future Blackouts the Norm

In publication after publication I have hammered the push for renewable power and the subsidies needed to support renewable energy sources.  Aside from costs, however, I have also noted the harmful environmental impact of renewables and their unreliability which makes the electric power supply less secure and more prone to blackouts. When asked, even more […]