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Colorado Consumers Paying Steep Price for Renewable Power Mandates

Colorado consumers are paying a steep price for the state’s renewable power mandates, U.S. Energy Information Administration data show. Electricity prices in Colorado have risen 20 percent faster than the national average since Colorado enacted renewable power mandates in 2004. Prices rose even more steeply after Colorado made the mandates stricter in 2007, 2010, and […]

‘Dark Money’ Funds To Promote Global Warming Alarmism Dwarf Warming ‘Denier’ Research

Global warming activists claim vast amounts of untraceable special interest money fund global warming skeptics and give skeptics an unfair advantage in the global warming debate. The undeniable truth is global warming alarmists raise and spend far more money – including far more untraceable special interest “dark money” – than global warming skeptics. Drexel University […]

Electricity Prices Rise Dramatically Under Ohio Renewable Mandates

Electricity prices in Ohio have risen approximately triple the national average since Ohio enacted renewable power mandates in 2008. The sharp rise in electricity prices occurred despite promises during 2008 legislative hearings that renewable power mandates would have little or no impact on electricity prices. In 2008 the Ohio legislature passed legislation creating the state’s […]

Another false bio-tech claim busted

The journal Food and Chemical Toxicology retracted a study claiming a link between genetically modified corn and cancer in laboratory rats. Scientists pointed out several flaws in the study, which was published in 2012. Scientists showed the study used a strain of rats particularly susceptible to cancer, with or without genetically modified corn. The study […]

U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Continue Dramatic Decline in 2013

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions declined by 3.7 percent in 2013, the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia (UK) reports. The decline in U.S. emissions continues a dramatic drop in U.S. emissions this century, even as global emissions rapidly rise. The new Tyndall Centre report says there is enough data […]

United States on Pace for Quietest Hurricane Decade

As the 2013 hurricane season comes to a close, the United States is on pace for its quietest hurricane decade in recorded history. With just over a month to go in the 2013 hurricane season, no hurricanes had struck the United States this year. If no hurricanes strike the United States during the last—and usually […]

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Stimulating $15 Trillion in Crop Production

Human carbon dioxide emissions are benefiting global agricultural production to the tune of $160 billion per year, according to a newly released study. Between 1961 and 2011, carbon dioxide emissions stimulated $3.5 trillion in agricultural production beyond the baseline scenario without higher atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations. The study reports the cumulative benefits between 1961 and […]

‘Lukewarmist’ Judith Curry Calls for End of IPCC

Climate scientist Judith Curry, who has gained a reputation as a “lukewarmer” for agreeing with many climate assertions by global warming activists but calling for more scientific scrutiny of alarmist claims, has called for an end to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Curry, a climate science professor at the Georgia Institute […]

‘Obamaclimate’ Rules For Global Warming Would Be Just As Disastrous As Obamacare

Adam Hartung argued here at earlier this week that the United States needs to implement an Obamacare-style program to address global warming. Hartung’s column inadvertently illustrates that Obamaclimate would be just as disastrous as Obamacare. The most memorable and illuminative statement made in the Obamacare debate was wreck.” Adam Hartung now wants a federal […]

Expanding What We Know About Climate Change

In a short book titled What We Know About Climate Change, Massachusetts Institute of Technology meteorologist Kerry Emanuel presents an explanation of why he believes humans are causing a global warming crisis. The book is really more of a short essay, approximately 10,000 words long with only seven endnotes. A significant chunk of the 10,000 […]